IVF Treatment for Couples with Multiple Pregnancy Failure

IVF Treatment

If you are trying for a baby for a longer time but face miscarriage or recurrent pregnancy loss then you can take the help of IVF treatment. By consulting your infertility specialist in Lucknow you can understand the cause behind multiple pregnancy failures and then you can take the help of IVF treatment. Miscarriages affect around 15% of women but with IVF treatment they get a chance to complete their dream of a successful pregnancy. Let’s understand more about IVF treatment and how it could give an advantage to couples who are facing multiple pregnancy failure. 

The IVF process can improve your chances of a successful pregnancy 

During the IVF process, sperm and egg are fertilized under specific conditions in the laboratory. After the formation of the embryo, genetic testing of the embryo is done which is also called preimplantation genetic testing. It is a screening of chromosomes for aneuploidy which means an abnormal number of chromosomes. Couples who are facing repeated pregnancy loss may have chromosomally abnormal embryos. This process helps in selecting high-quality embryos for transfer and reduces the risk of implantation failure and loss of pregnancy. 

Depth assessment and multiple tests of the couple before the IVF process

The success of the IVF process depends on many factors and with proper assessment of the couple your IVF specialist in Lucknow will understand your fertility and overall health. Your infertility specialist will suggest you undergo fertility tests like the ovarian reserve test. And a blood test to understand hormone levels, and your partner has to undergo semen analysis. Through semen analysis quality and quantity of sperm could be analyzed. Other than these tests, a couple’s medical history also plays an important role in deciding the right treatment plan. 

IVF Treatment allows parents to choose the time they want to get pregnant

IVF treatment is beneficial for couples who want to focus on their career and want to have a baby after some years. In such cases also, IVF is helpful because cryopreservation can be done to preserve reproductive cells or tissues(eggs, sperm, or embryos) for future use. The preserved cells can later be thawed and used for the IVF process to achieve a successful pregnancy.

There are many methods of fertility preservation. Egg freezing means retrieving a woman’s eggs from her ovaries and then freezing them for future use. Sperm freezing includes a collection of sperm and then analyzing their quality. And then freezing them to use in future IVF processes. Ovarian tissue freezing and embryo freezing are also types of cryopreservation processes. 

IVF treatment works even if other treatments failed

If you have undergone other fertility treatments but you haven’t received any good results then IVF would be the right choice for you. If you are suffering from blocked fallopian tubes, advanced maternal age, reduced ovarian reserve, or your partner is facing male-factor infertility then you can undergo IVF treatment. 

IVF increases the chances of conception 

IVF has the highest success rates among all other fertility treatments. During IVF if one of the cycles is failed, another cycle can also be use to increase the chances of success and healthy pregnancy.  During the IVF process, both egg and sperm are fertilize at a specific temperature which increases the chances of successful fertilization and it also leads to chances of successful pregnancy. After the development of the embryos, the embryologist selects the high-quality embryos for transfer. This careful selection process minimizes the risk of transferring embryos and reduces the chances of miscarriage.

How can you prepare yourself for a successful IVF process even if you have faced multiple pregnancy failures? 

Make sure that you keep your diet healthy. Your diet must include foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and more. Being overweight or underweight can have an impact on your chances of conceiving. You should also do exercises after consulting your doctor to keep your weight balanced. Avoid taking stress, consuming too much alcohol, and smoking because all these points disturb your ovulation cycle and it can impact your overall reproductive health. Other than these factors you should also make your sleep schedule to enhance your chances of a healthy pregnancy. 


Couples who have experienced multiple pregnancy failures may feel stressed and emotional but with the help of the right counselling. Related to the IVF process they can cope with this challenge and can have a healthier pregnancy. Everyone should understand that infertility is like any other health problem that can be treat with the right treatment and support.

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