This page is all about our point of view on privacy policy and how it will affect you.


We gather some unknown statics about your terrific to our site, such as which of our pages you have interacted with and what you browsed. Also, some third parties, including Facebook and Twitter, may know that you browsed our site if you are their users. We have no control over them but don’t trust that this knowledge leads you to any threats.

If you sign up on our website, we will take care of your data and make sure your information is safe & never shared with anyone without your permission.

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We may share your information such as Name, Company, Job Title, Phone Number, Email address, Number of Agents, or any other questions asked in the signup form to the external sponsors, e.g., White papers, reports, and webinars. They will use this data to contact you or for their marketing purposes. We ensure to provide your information to only the sponsors instead of any other third party.

Measuring our visitors

We check the statics of our website’s Traffic through Google Analytics. Which gathers all data about how you visited our site, how much time you spent, and what pages you browsed. And also some initial information regarding your system. We only know that somebody surfed our site, and we don’t know who you are, Because all this information is unknown.

 All this information and tools are used to improve our website, how people are visiting our site, and what parts of our website are doing well. You can also learn about google analytics if you wish.

Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks

Facebook, Twitter, and other Social media platforms have similar features & buttons which we apply on our site, like the tweet and share buttons.

So we are bound to post what they provide and have no control over it. Let’s suppose you are logged in, and a text from Facebook will be there “x of your friend liked this” now we have no access to it, and we can’t control how those networks utilize it.

If you are a user of Social media sites, they could know you are now viewing this website (that does not mean they are doing this, but their policies may change), but as our website is totally safe, we think it’s not something to worry about most of our users.

If you sign up for a service

While you get registered for our services (No matter whether paid or free), we will gather your personal information, like your full name, email address, etc. Also, we will pick and keep information about your interaction with our services to enhance them; for example, we will collect the history of what features have been used at any time. 

We also capture the account and billing history for calculation purposes and monitor our business activities.


We can send you emails about our services or promotions, such as (invoices, wishes, etc.) or also those you have requested (Newsletters, Notifications, and others). You can stop receiving emails at any time when you want.

Online payment

We prefer companies like PayPal for our online product billing. Only those companies you are billing will have access to your payment and personal information. We never keep any credit card data while you pay via credit card.

We share information with these third parties (PayPal) to manage credit cards and receive payments. Only for essential purposes like billing on our site via PayPal.


Cookies are small packages that are transferred and stored in your system’s hard drive, Full of information and data. When they contact our site, they allow us to track your browsing history on our website. That’s how we collect data with the help of cookies.

The Call Centre helper uses cookies when you read the articles to enhance your experience and show better results when searching on our website. They use previous search data to filter new searches.

We also save your cookies to save personal information like your name and email address, which will help you fill out the form a second time on the website. You must change your internet settings to deny cookies if you don’t want cookies. (if you don’t accept the cookies, some of our services will be restricted, and some of our functions will be reduced)


we keep a sharp eye on the security of your data to keep it safe from any kind of misuse or change. Which include some precautions:

All of the data behind the firewalls.

All permissions to data are secured by security keys/passwords.

Limitations on viewing the data from any location.

We do our 100% to secure your data but cannot guarantee anything will be sent over to the internet.

Updates to this policy

As technology changes, we can update or change this privacy policy from time to time. For the latest information, you can always visit this page. Also, we may send you emails regarding our privacy policy.