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Our Commitment to Privacy

Father Fitness Blog is committed to protecting your privacy. We maintain a strict policy on our website for customers. We take personal and business information when a user visits our website. All the information provided to us is solely the user’s agreement to our policy and we are committed to only using that information for content placement, processing, customer inquiries and customer service.

The use of personal information of a user will not be disclosed, distributed or sold to any third parties in any harmful way. We don’t comply with the usage of our website by children under the age of 13 or so.

When you visit our website, we automatically take information about your IP address, location and device. The purpose of this information is to keep our website safe and provide a good consumer experience.

Please understand we will disclose your information when required by law or to protect our interests and safety and to visitors to our website, or when you allow us to do so. Your information can also be disclosed when we have good faith and belief that it is necessary to comply with a current judicial proceeding, a court order or a legal process served on our website.

Information Collection & Usage

Our website and web servers collect all the useful information whenever a visitor visits our website. Our website takes a visitor’s IP address, browser and device location, website visiting record (date and time), number of clicks and broad demographic information of a user.

The secondary information provided on our website is completely dependent on the user’s choice to disclose their information to us. The information includes personal information such as name, email address, phone number and shipping address.

Sensitive information like credit card numbers, the expiration date of the card and CVV numbers are only required during the payment period and the user complies with sharing their bank details with us. Our website will only use this sensitive information for completing the billing process and doesn’t save this information in our system. Every time a customer places their order, they have to provide their bank details again, as we don’t hold this information to provide safety and trust to customers and to avoid all sorts of illegal and possible online thefts.

Our website ensures complete safety when it comes to sharing personal bank details by a user or customer and will never disclose this sensitive information to any third parties. By providing this information you give your consent that to process your requests and transactions, this information will be shared with our service providers and necessary third parties such as banking institutions, credit card and shipping companies. Your financial information will be used to process your transactions on your orders for products and services that you requested.

Please remember that we share our customers’ testimonials on our website and it shows the personal information of the customers to everyone who visits our website. It’s our policy to always ask for the customer’s consent first, before posting their review on our website. If you don’t like to get your information displayed on the website, then you have the right to withdraw your review by requesting us through email.

The visitors of this website and the customers have the right to omit or remove their personal information at any time from our website and log files on their wish. Our website does not hold any right to use a visitor’s and customer’s important information without their approval and consent.

Third-Party Services

In the process of completing an order with our business, your information is shared with legal third parties such as banking institutions only to process and verify the payment method and transactions on your orders.

Besides this usage, any other involvement of your information with third parties is not in our policy and we are strictly against it. If you want to further find out about the sharing of your business information with the bank institution, then we recommend you to read their privacy policy as well to clear any doubts.

Security & Privacy

Ensuring the security of our website is our priority. We use the best measures available to protect your data and our website against unauthorized and illegal use. We make sure that your personal and business information is kept safe both online and offline.

We restrict the use and sharing of your personal and business information to the staff and employees in our offices. We use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol which is one of the best encryption protocols to keep your information data safe when you provide it to our website. We try our best to use the right security system to protect your data on our website.

Transition of Business

In the case of a business transition such as the rights are sold to another company or any possible declaration of bankruptcy and the selling of the company’s assets to a new company, it is our responsibility to let our customers know about the possible change in such case, your information contained in our system will be transferred to the new owner of the company.


Cookies are an essential part of our website usage for our customers. We use cookies to save your data and usage information on our website to improve the working and performance of our website. The cookies stored in your browsers will help load our website faster and will improve your usage and exploration of our website.

We give two cookie options to our website visitors i.e. all cookies, essential cookies and optional cookies. It is dependent on the user to utilize and allow the cookies they prefer for our website usage. However, if you don’t wish to share your data with our website you can also decline our cookies options.


Our website may contain some affiliated and external links to other websites for business purposes. In this case, your information might reach other linked websites and we are not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites. A user needs to read the other website’s privacy policy as well. This privacy statement applies solely to information collected by our website.

Contact Information – Team Father Fitness Blog

Any personal information that you wish to access, modify or remove from our website, then you can contact us at our company’s email info@fatherfitnessblog for your required amendments.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Father Fitness Blog has the right to make any changes in its privacy policy at any time we think is appropriate. Any changes made to the policy will be provided on the website for our customers and visitors to read thoroughly. We will notify you beforehand about the changes in our privacy policy through email. We advise you to read our privacy policy periodically.