How Drinking a lot of Water Can Benefit My Health?

How Drinking a lot of Water Can Benefit My Health?

Water is significant to maintain proper health. When you have enough water for a day, it will prevent dehydration. Lack of water leads to dehydration which costs you dire repercussions of overheating of the body, mood changing, unclear thinking, and kidney stones.

The body-to-weight ratio of water in humans varies from the age 75% of newborns’ body weight is water and adults contain 55%.  It is essential to drink water in a certain amount to keep that ratio constant. Enough water is beneficial for our health in the following ways.

1. Maintain Digestive Efficiency

Everyone needs to take 4 to 6 cups of water to keep them active and healthy. The digestive system starts from the saliva in the mouth. It is a carrier of enzymes that are essential for the breaking down of carbohydrates during the chewing process. It also moist the food in the mouth and help to swallow after dividing it into fine manageable parts.

When food reaches the stomach, more gastric juices are released that contain enzymes that break the protein and carbohydrates into smaller particles. The food transfers to the small intestine where the remaining digestion is complete.

Water also produces mucus that creates a coating inside the stomach to protect it from the inside acids.

2. Accurate Functioning of Brain

The brain is important for thinking and decisions making processes. When water drop inside the brain it affects the normal functioning of the brain. Water is essential for brain cells to communicate with each other. It also clears toxins and waste which hinder brain function.

When you have enough water in your body, you will never face mental fatigue and will be able to perform well in your regular activities and be able to get higher scores on your academic tests.

3. Proper Kidney Functioning

Water is essential for the removal of waste from your blood. The end product of your kidney is urine. It also keeps your vessel open for the free movement of blood through your kidney. In case of mild dehydration, you will feel highly tired.

Dehydration can severely damage your kidney when you are not taking enough water especially after hard exercise and in warm weather. Remember, if someone has a kindly failure, water is greatly restricted for those who have difficulty in excreting enough water.

4. Keep Our Joints Healthy

Water is useful for the lubrication of joints and tissues. It is an essential component of cartilage and synovial fluids. Cartilage is crucial for the smooth movement of joints and acts as a shock absorber. It covers the surface of the bones at the point of formation of joints.

Synovial fluid is a type of liquid that lubricates our joints. It halts the joints to rub with each other. It keeps all our joints moving smoothly including shoulders, knees, hands, feet, and hips.

Cartilage and Synovial fluid work together to keep our joints safe from rubbing and wearing away. When our joints are at rest, cartilage act as a sponge to absorb all the synovial fluid. Conversely, it squeezes out from cartilage when we start moving.

5. Preserve Healthy Skin

Skin density and thickness will be altered within 4 weeks after drinking 2.25 liters of water every day. (Source: International Journal of Cosmetic Science)

Skin texture appears duller because of dehydration. Wrinkles and pores become more prominent. An adequate amount of water keeps your skin fresh and improves its elasticity. It means that there are fewer chances of the formation of cracks and irritation on the skin.

Water is also helpful for balancing the PH value of your skin. If the PH value of the skin is between 5.4-5.9, the skin will glow and remain spotless.

6. Regulate Body Temperature

Water is helpful for regulating body temperature. Water is lost through the body in the form of sweat, especially when your body has high temperatures. Sweat starts evaporating from the surface of the body to keep it cool. It means that sweating is a defense mechanism of the body against overheating.

In case of excessive sweating, water is continuously removed from the body. In order to keep a normal water level, you need to drink more water.

When the body has a high temperature, water Sweating is the process by which the body defends itself from overheating.

7. Regulate Blood Pressure

The normal blood pressure of humans is 80/120 mmHg. Lack of water in the body leads to vasopressin production in the body when sodium is present in a high amount in the blood. As a consequence of the lower amount of blood, the vessels constrict, which causes high blood pressure.

Vasopressin is a type of hormone that the body creates when sodium is present in a high amount in the blood. Drinking plenty of water will dilute the sodium concentration in the blood and is a great way to avoid high blood pressure.

Final Thoughts

Drinking enough water can keep our digestive system, brain functioning, skin health, body temperature, and blood pressure balanced. it also lubricates our joints and protects them from wearing away. It means that four to six cups of water are beneficial for the major parts of our body to function properly. So Keep drinking water and stay healthy.

Lara Beck
Fitness Coach

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