How is L-arginine Protein Useful to the Body?

L-arginine Protein

L-Arginine, also simply known under arginine, can be taken in with food and can also be formed in our body when protein is broken down.

Thus, this substance is classified to the semi-essential, proteinogenic amino acids. 

The term Proteinogen suggests that not only neurotransmitters or enzymes are made of L-arginine because your body tissues such as hair or skin and muscles are made of L-arginine, Chaktty said.

Benefits of L-arginine in the body

L-Arginine is known primarily for muscle build-up or also for erectile dysfunction, and it’s potent in correcting ED.

Also, if you’re sick or stressed after performing rigorous activities, your body cannot make enough L-arginine itself and is therefore reliant on the substance to be absorbed with the food.

L-Arginine against atherosclerosis

L-Arginine is particularly popular for its use against atherosclerosis. In combination with B6, B12 and also folic acid in order to reverse atherosclerosis.

This is mainly due to the fact that amino acid improves blood circulation and also protects against hypertension.

In a study conducted on 400 patients and published by healthpally, 2005, it was found that, in a daily administration of 3,000 mg L-arginine in combination with vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid, the high blood pressure could be significantly lowered and the circulation improved; thus, good for people suffering from high blood pressure.

The homocysteine level was also significantly reduced in the body. Homocysteine is equally harmful to nerves and blood vessels such as cholesterol and should always be in equilibrium so that it’s not be deposited in the vessels.

Reduce stress with L-arginine

L-arginine has even more positive effects than you thought before now as it’s more pronounced with men potency but it can also reduce stress and limit anxiety disorders.

L-Arginine has been used for patients who suffer from anxiety disorders for several years and, in several Studies conducted, L-arginine has the advantage to help you manage stress, avoid tensions and increases the cortisol, the steroid hormone

L-Arginine in diabetes mellitus

L-Arginine can continue to support insulin metabolism in diabetes mellitus. 

In a study by a group of health researchers in the oxford university, US, for example, it could be demonstrated that Insulin secretion is stimulated and the destruction of the B cells of the pancreas is also prevented.

Thus, L-arginine with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in combination can be an important support for diabetic patients.

L-Arginine controls the vessels

L-Arginine is important for many processes in the human body. The amino acid is the only precursor of nitric oxide released in the inner walls of the vessels and controls the narrowing as well as the dilation of the vessels.

This means that it not only improves blood flow but also blood pressure and also ensures good circulation.

Especially in old age or in the case of stress and illness, sufficient L-arginine must be fed through the food so that the vessels continue to function as they should so that no hypertension is caused by inflexible and narrowed vessels.

Use L-arginine to regulate protein metabolism

Protein metabolism is also regulated by L-arginine. Harmful ammonia is produced during the protein metabolism and to prevent ammonia from getting into the bloodstream, the amino acid is used.

However, in order to avoid sleep disturbances due to an elevated ammonia level, it is recommended to take L-arginine in the evening.

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