How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can I Workout?

How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can I Workout?

The removal of wisdom teeth is a simple surgery that hardly takes 10 minutes to get removed but how long after wisdom teeth removal can I work out? We know that it’s a minor surgery and your body will be ready to join a regular lifestyle. But still, you need to care about your health.

Because we are talking about a surgery that will definitely take some time to get healed properly. So, it’s best for you to have proper rest and take prescribed medicines for a few days. If you are someone with an active lifestyle or an athlete, you might be wondering how long after wisdom teeth removal can I workout.

In this blog, we have discussed what are wisdom, teeth, problems with wisdom teeth and how long after wisdom teeth removal can I work out.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the back teeth or we can say extra teeth that are born on the back of your teeth. These wisdom teeth are common in teens or early 19s. Wisdom teeth are generally considered normal and can be removed easily. Usually, two teeth are born in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw. Furthermore, some people have more, or lesser, wisdom teeth. Mostly, these wisdom teeth grow without any issue, but sometimes these might create problems for you, and may need to remove them.

Problems with Wisdom Teeth

Some wisdom teeth grow and don’t damage your gums but some wisdom teeth grow at a different angle that may put pressure on your gums or besides the tooth.  This process is called impaction. Furthermore, this impaction may cause pain and infection that might be dangerous for you. Even you cannot properly brush your wisdom teeth. Bacteria and food might stick in the wisdom teeth and cause some infections called pericoronitis.

Crowded wisdom teeth often grow on the sides of the gums and may rub against the cheeks and irritate you while chewing something. So, you can take help from your oral health professional and ask them about how long after wisdom teeth removal can I work out. Furthermore, if you remove your wisdom teeth before it grows properly, it may create different problems such as:

  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Damage to other teeth

Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth

Here are some symptoms of infection that might be caused by wisdom teeth:

  • Face Swelling
  • Red inflamed gum near wisdom teeth
  • Pus coming from the gum
  • Pain and sensitivity
  • Food getting sucked and difficult to clean out
  • Bad breath

Why you should remove Wisdom Teeth

Despite its name, wisdom teeth do not make anyone wiser. So, removing these teeth is a better option instead of daily suffering. Furthermore, the more you delay in removing the wisdom teeth, the more you have to suffer and feel discomfort when they erupt from gums and crowd your existing teeth. The worse thing is, these wisdom teeth can also contribute to jaw alignment, damage your cavities, cause sinus problems, and cysts. But this is not for everyone. There are many people on earth living their lives happily without removing their wisdom teeth and experiencing these common symptoms. So, now it’s up to you, if you feel irritated and in pain, then consult your dentist and remove it.

Why You Need to Take Proper Rest After Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Removing wisdom teeth from the mouth is a type of oral surgery that may involve some proper sedation and anesthesia that might make you feel dizzy or sleepy. After the wisdom teeth were extracted, doctors put a bleeding socket in the mouth which is essential and increase your healing process. So, this is important to take proper precautions to get instant healing and use dry sockets to prevent blood clotting in the mouth.

Furthermore, many people ask how long after wisdom teeth removal can I work out. Let me clear one thing that when you engage in high-impact activities, this might put a negative impact on your mouth and may cause a delay in your healing process. So, try to avoid these high-impact activities to prevent some serious things. Because, high-impact activities such as jumping up, push-ups, and many other exercises can lead to bleeding and cause pain

The First 24 Hours After Wisdom Tooth Extractions

The first 24 hours are very important for your oral care as well as if you have received general anesthesia, you should avoid engaging in physical activities. Even many people start asking questions right after surgery how long after wisdom teeth removal can I work out? So, engaging yourself in exercise may after surgery can be dangerous for you and create difficulties. It is advised that take proper rest and refrain from all physical activities for the next 24 hours after your surgery.

How Long After wisdom teeth removal can I work out?

This depends on the surgery. If you have removed one or two wisdom teeth, then you should take rest for the next 24 hours after the extraction. This time period is very important for healing and for the formation of blood clots so that you recover rapidly.

After spending 24 hours, depending on how many teeth you have removed, you can engage yourself in light exercise such as stretching for five days if you removed upper wisdom teeth. But if you removed lower teeth then do not engage yourself in any exercise for a minimum of 10 days.

What Types of Exercises Can I Do After the Extraction of Wisdom Teeth?

Try to engage yourself in low-impact exercise after a few days so that wounds get recover properly. Furthermore, you can engage yourself in low-impact exercises such as light strength training and stretching. Try to avoid jumping or running to increase the healing process.

Final Thought

I hope you got the answer of how long after wisdom teeth removal can I work out after reading this article. Wisdom teeth are normal and grow at the age of 19s or 20s. Mostly these teeth are harmless and cannot create problems in your daily life. But in some cases, it may cause infection in the gums and create difficulties for you. So, removing these wisdom teeth is the best option. But try to avoid high-impact exercise for at least 10 days to increase the healing process of your gums.

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