5 Best Cardio Workouts to Perform When You Have Bad Knees

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As you start to age, pain becomes your constant partner in life. This is not just limited to people who have passed their 40s instead it is now even common in people who have just entered their 30s.

The main reason is that as we start to age, we usually end up in desk jobs by that time. We walk less and have extensive sitting time. This only decreases the absorption of the essential nutrients turning our bones into sponges with low density and fragile shape.

To deal with this issue experts believe that you need to quit the usually extensive sitting throughout the day and focus on finding ways that can help you stay active. As you stay active, the body can absorb the nutrients for a longer time and they eventually end up having bad health issues as well. However, the pain becomes so severe that activity becomes out of question. Eventually, even if we try to put in full effort and work out, it becomes so painful that we give up.

For the absorption of nutrients usually, experts recommend exercises that are high intensity and highly active because you are not just focusing on the pain and fragility of your bone but also the skeletal muscle. As you start into the workout routine the muscle strands become very fragile causing strain on the threads. Even the usual moving becomes painful so the effort of a workout becomes out of question.

The condition is even worse for the joints and the weight-bearing bones and muscles like the knee and the leg muscles. The idea is that one of the most effective ways you can support the absorption of essential nutrients and help your body with growth and health is if you invest in a good amount of cardio. Although most cardio exercises are intense and they can be harsh on weight-bearing joints like the knees, some exercises are perfect for people who have joint issues like knee pain.

With the help of this article, we will mainly look at some of the best and simplest cardio-based exercises that can help with joint pain, especially knee pain; we will also look at the flexibility-based workouts that are good in this regard and some other basic techniques that are good for making any cardio workout lighter on the knee.

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5 Best Cardio Workouts to Perform When You Have Bad Knees

There are so many different cardio-based workouts that help with the pain but very few can be used by beginners. Here are some of the best cardio-based workout that is lighter on the knees and can help with healing as well.


Most of the high-intensity workouts when performed underwater are much lighter on the body. These workouts are not only good for joints they also help in the absorption of vitamins and minerals without making the workout intense for you. Since the body weighs less underwater, swimming and other underwater walking and running-based workouts are very good for knee pain. You will be using less of the weight-bearing joints like the knee and more of the support that skeletal muscles offer to the body.


Yoga is an excellent workout for the bones and joints because it is not only light on the body but also facilitates improving the joints. When you work out, your joints and skeletal muscles will become more flexible which will facilitate movement later. After a few yoga sessions even if you start some intense cardio, this will also work because yoga will prep your body for the intense workout to come.


Pilates is another very good workout that is ideal for the joints and bones. Since most of the moves used in Pilates will also get you ready for an intense workout. This increases the flexibility of the body and helps with improving the pain and swelling in the joints. For the start, you will be doing Pilates with the instructors so you will get detailed guidance throughout.

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Another very fun and very simple workout. This workout will help you get rid of all the pain and calories at the same time. Moreover, you will notice that you are getting into shape and you can retain more intense workouts as well. For the starter, you can get to begin with some basic rowing classes with the help of a rowing machine but once you can focus and master the workout you can then start the workout with the actual boat. Not only this workout is skill based but extremely fun as well.


Cycling is another very simple yet practical workout. It is not only good for the bones and knee but is also an exceptionally good workout for weight loss and gets you into shape right away. As you start with the workout you will notice that you can handle the weight well and your body responds to the cycling much better. Eventually, you can make it more intense by choosing escalated workout routine, and making it a HIIT-based workout.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to making a progressive workout routine rather than jumping straight into the workout that is usually advised for everyone. When you opt for a workout that is generally used and advised by people who had knee pain and they have recovered, they will only be able to guide you about the workout that they are using now.

The intensity of these workouts can be high and if you use the same workouts, there is a high chance that you might end up with some kind of injury. The best way to resolve this issue is to start with something light and simple and then gradually built on it so the body does not end up with more injuries.

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