Why Aqua Jogging Is A Great Workout?

Why Aqua Jogging Is A Great Workout?

Running is literally one of the most underrated yet most effective workouts. For most people, running might seem like a simple workout that can be done by anyone so it doesn’t have any effect on the body as most gym sessions will. However, experts believe that running or walking is so far one of the best and most versatile workouts.

No matter what your goal is or how you want to achieve it, a good running workout will be a game-changer for you. Moreover, as you start the workout, you will realize that where another workout will require a lot of effort, investment, and a personal instructor to train you throughout the process running will offer you full control so you do not have to waste money.

A recent study by Harvard health take it one step further by stating that a good 15-minute morning run is enough to keep you fit. In fact, it is much better than a 45 minutes workout that you might otherwise have to invest your time and effort in at any given movement. With such low efforts and more benefits, it is safe to say that now people are really crashing up on the trend. They are becoming more proactive about running and also adding various other styles as well.

With the help of this article, we will mainly look at the mix of swimming and jogging which is aqua jogging. We will see why it is so much better, how it can help, and why people are using aqua jogging. We will also look at its benefits and the way it can change the fitness strength of a person.

What Is Aqua Jogging?

Aqua jogging is a basic running technique that requires you to run underwater. For this workout you do not have to get under the water and hold your breath, instead, you have half your body dipped in the water where you run like you are jogging. This jogging technique is also known as the water running method and it is generally used for people who need to lose weight or get fit but whose lower body is not strong enough to hold their weight. A treadmill is placed in the swimming pool and the runner needs to mimic the running motion while making sure that he is holding his weight up.

The main difference between aqua jogging and real jogging is that aqua jogging is not hard on the joint, moreover, the body is much lighter in the water so there is not much effort required. In case you are not familiar with swimming or you have never swum before, you can also opt for a floating device that will prevent you from drowning.

The benefit of Aqua Jogging

There are so many different benefits of aqua jogging, each benefit has it is own significance, however, we have listed some of the most common benefits for people who are either going through a rehab process or they have a fitness goal.

Boost Cardiovascular Health

Running is great for cardio and so is swimming. However, some people find it hard to run because of their age, injury, or weight issue. In this case, aqua jogging is perfect for them so they can boost their fitness without feeling pain. People who are obese or have lower body strength issues can actually take help from aqua jogging.

Good for Healing Injury

If you have lower limb pain, or injury or you have just healed from an injury, aqua jogging is perfect for you. Not only it helps you regain the strength of your body but also helps you with the speed. The best thing is that you are putting too much effort because there is no weight on the joint and you are staying afloat. It is more fun than using a trampoline because it has a water bounce effect.

Boost Movement and Agility

Most people find it hard to adjust based on the movement of their bodies. They also feel like effortless movement requires a lot of effort and as an athlete, this intense training is the only option. However, aqua jogging can change your mind about that. Experts believe that the more you work, the easier it gets. Also, you will technically be able to move faster and see a boost in ability and the mobility of your body.

Strength the Body

People who are aging and feel like the lubrication in their knees is depleting with time, need to work out via aqua jogging. This is not only good for lower body strength but it can also boost stamina without making you feel the pain in your lower body.

Good for Lower Back Pain

No matter what most people say, it cannot be denied that it is indeed a low-impact workout. So technically people who are suggested to move more and fix their running posture but find it extremely challenging because of the lower back pain can take help from aqua jogging. Experts believe that there is no other workout that is more effective for the elderly than the aqua jogging style.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, aqua jogging is a mix of swimming and jogging. It is an ideal workout for anyone who is struggling with the movement of their lower body and they are trying hard to adjust to the joint pain. It also helps you feel much lighter which means that chronic pains in the joints can be fixed. Moreover, it has a long-term impact on people who have been through any injury or accident and want to heal their injury faster.

Even physiotherapists use this technique. As a martial artist or an athlete, aqua jogging can really help you get back into shape and heal from the injury. If you are thinking to use aqua jogging just for weight loss or as an intense workout training, this might not be the best choice for you because it is not a condition or strength-based training, instead, it is a simple workout-based training that just boosts mobility and agility.

Lara Beck
Fitness Coach

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