The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation
The origin of both yoga and meditation was in northern India, as they were mentioned in Rig Veda (the oldest text). Over 500 million people were regularly practicing yoga and meditation worldwide. If these people are practicing it regularly, it means they know something which we don’t. let’s explore together the secret of practicing yoga and meditation.

Yoga Vs Meditation

  • Yoga is all about the physical practice of the body and medication is a part of yoga that deals with mental health and concentration.
  • It is more about moving the body into different poses, and postures, and sitting in sukhasana. On the other hand, meditations are related to mental training and no physical workout or body movement.
  • It changes the way of dealing the problems and obstacles to provide peace to the body and medication relaxes the mind and focuses more on the stability of mental health.
  • Yoga improves physical health and makes the body leave all the bad habits and meditation makes people forget about their surroundings.

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Meditation Improves Mental Health

Mediation is great to control emotions and helps to improve the mental health of the body. It controls stress and maintains the stability of the mind. Meditation helps in dealing with the daily pressure and stress that you are facing.  Workload pressure, family issues, concentration problems, and health issues can be overcome by practicing meditation. It can also protect the body from panic attacks, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases.

Yoga Improves the Flexibility

Survey shows that most people practice yoga for the flexibility of their body. For the physical health of the body, flexibility is very important. Yoga offers different levels of intensity such as mild, moderate, and high. Each level of intensity style has great benefits for the flexibility of the body.
Yoga is highly recommended for adults of age 65 and more. Stiffness in the body comes with age and yoga is a proven way which improves the flexibility of the body and strength of the muscles in old age people.

Yoga And Meditation Improve Sleep

You can only sleep soundly if you are mentally relaxed and stress-free. As both yoga and meditation help in making physical and mental health functioning and stress-free, they are great for people suffering from insomnia. By practicing yoga and meditation, you can build a healthy relationship between your physical and mental health. They also help in avoiding all the negativity, stress, and anxiety of the body which will help people to sleep better.

Yoga Boost Immunity

Chronic stress is bad for the immune system of the body. You are more prone to illness if your immune system is weak. To reduce chronic stress, yoga, and meditation are scientifically proven methods.

Yoga Improves The Quality Of Life

Quality of life is defined by the World health organization (WHO) as “  a person’s perception of his position in life-related to the culture and value system, his goals, standards, expectations, and concerns”.
The factors that disturb the quality of life are relationships, career opportunities, creativity, material, and health comforts. Yoga and meditations change their way of dealing with life’s problems and obstacles which helps them to lead a happy and zest life.

Yoga Improves The Bone Health

Yoga is all about stretching and staying in the same pose for a long time which will help the muscles to be fully engaged. Plank pose and warrior II is the position that helps to increase the density of the bone.
Study shows that yoga of 12 minutes per day will be highly healthy for the bones. Yoga asana also helps patients with osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Final Words

In a nutshell, to get the maximum benefits from yoga and meditation, it is highly recommended to practice both together. With the proper guidance and help you can practice both at home. Now we know the hidden secret behind yoga and meditation, get yourself a yoga mat and meditate to get a fuss-free life.
Lara Beck
Fitness Coach

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