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If you are looking for holistic health and fitness approach to spend a balanced, and resourceful life, you certainly need to join the Live Fit Girls Happiness Health Fitness program. It’s intended to design for women where fitness and nutrition expert, Deanna, works closely with each member to get her dream body.

You will never feel demotivated during your self-improving journey because of a comprehensive approach and a dose of inspiration at every step along the way.

Who is Deanna Dorman? 

Deanna Dorman is the main character at the Live Fit Girls Happiness Health Fitness whose main goal is helping busy women to lose weight. She has more than 15 years of experience as a fitness nutritionist and personal trainer.

She also gained around 30 pounds of weight at an early age and worked on herself through quick effective workouts without cutting nourishing foods. By meeting her objective successfully, she makes it her mission to help busy women to shape their bodies by finding freedom from scary diet plans, counting calories, and spending hours in the gym for weight loss.

What is The Foundation of Happiness, and a Healthy & Fulfilling Life according to The Live Fit Girls?

According to The Live Fit Girls, there are four aspects of life that need to cover to have a fulfilling life.

1. Movement

The movement of the body is connected with our emotional, physical, and mental well-being so on the fitness platform you will get 150 exclusive classes from 5 min to 45 min of workout challenge.

2. Nutrition

There is a difference between diets and filling your body with food. The first one only focuses on cutting out the food you love and producing energy deficient in your body. While in the second case, the food will equally nourish your body and soul simultaneously.

3. Mindset

Health is one aspect of your life when you feel empowered and develop your mindset in one domain of your life. You will able to generalize the same concept on other dimensions to master them too.

4. Education

With time you need to spread your ideas and adopt more effective nourishing practices for getting better results in lesser time. At Live Fit Girls, you will have an opportunity to get advice for your issue from dedicated women’s health, wellness, and nutrition experts.

How Can You Get the Benefits of The Resources Available on the Women Fitness Platform? 

You can get sustainable results by accessing the resources given on the site that are all designed from the result-driven perspective.


In addition to workout videos, you can also purchase the Nourish Course which claims to let you free from all the dieting in the future. It’s available at $199 that consists of a 4-week-long module of lessons with lifetime access and upcoming updates. You will also be able to receive a digital copy of more than 300 nourishing recipes guide.

To help you more, there are lists of three interesting myths as you need to reduce fat, and carbs, burn lesser calories, and spend hours in the gym to see results. These are all negated by the Live Fit Girls Happiness Health Fitness.


The digital copy of the cookbook is available for $49. It contains three types of recipes fat-burning recipes, simple fast meals, and feel-energized recipes. You can also get several nutrient-rich snacks that will satisfy you between your meals. It covers a variety of recipes for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner by keeping taste and health both as a focal point.


There are a total of seven episodes of podcasts available on the website on different topics and duration. That will support you to feel confident in your skin and will be able to get inspiration from Deanna’s life. Regarding mindset, the major part is to control your brain and negative self-talk Dianna explained the ways to change the energy into your benefit.


You can scrutinize the helpful articles available on the site that will aid you in getting a glance at recipes, and workouts. The articles like “veggie cooking cheat sheet” is a step-by-step guide to roast vegetables each and every time. While roasting is a dry heating process to use the natural sugar in vegetables and brings crisp with amazing texture.

What Do Already Members Think About the Live Fit Girls Happiness Health Fitness? 

Kristen Review (Member)

According to Kristen, with a holistic mindset and knowledge, Deana helped me to shape my body and worked on adopting a better lifestyle. I used that effective information not only in my workout but also in my day-to-day life too.

Debbie Review (Member)

According to Debbie, I didn’t need any equipment to carry out my 15 or 45 min Pilates workout. These videos were interactive that taught me the perfect workout techniques during my traveling.

Kelsie Review (Member) 

According to Kelsie, I found the workout program very engaging that made me stick rather than felt stuck. For me, the most significant and game-changing thing is recipes for your meal.

How I Can Get a Membership of The Live Fit Girls?

The Live Fit Girls have an interactive website where you can buy both the monthly and yearly program by clicking the “buy now” button. The monthly program will cost you around $25 and yearly $200. If you are hesitant for buying the program because of lack of trust, they will offer you 14 days free trial where you can get a robust piece of info to make a better decision.

In the monthly program, you will receive streaming of more than 150 workout videos ranging from Pilates, HIIT, and strength training. You can also have instant access to past Education Workshops regarding pelvic health, nutrition, and more. The platform is also open for asking any question in the weekly live section directly from the experts too.

In the case of a subscription to a yearly membership, you will become a VIP member of The Live Fit Girls. It will provide you a chance to share your commitments with an amazing community while securing other special perks and discounts that come along.

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Fitness Coach

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