10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health and Fitness Today


Improving your health and fitness is a major goal, as in one way or another we all indulge in an unhealthy lifestyle. To accomplish this important goal, you must consider a few research-based tips, which seem small but the impact was huge on health. Let’s get started.

1. Minimize Sugary Drinks

The American diet is full of sugary drinks which include fruit juices, sodas, sweetened teas, etc. unfortunately, these sugary beverages increase the risk of type-2 diabetes and heart disease, even in those people that are not healthy or have excessive fats.

Moreover, these sugary drinks are also dangerous for children, as they may lead to obesity, type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, that conditions usually develop in adulthood. Som healthy drinks are water, coffee, sparkling water, and unsweetened teas.

2.Eat More Nuts and Seeds

Some people avoid eating nuts as they are full of fat. However, there are so many health benefits of nuts and seeds as they are extremely nutritious. These are enriched with fiber, protein, and a variety of minerals and vitamins. Nuts also help in reducing weight and eliminate the risk of type-2 diabetes and heart disease.

3. Do Not Eat Ultra-processed foods

Ultra-processed foods contain ingredients that are not in their original position but modified. These include refined oil, salt, sugar, preservatives, colors, artificial sweeteners, and flavors. Some ultra-processed foods are frozen meals, fast food, snack cakes, canned foods, and chips.

These ultra-processed foods can be easily overeaten, which leads to consuming more calories and weight gain. That food is not healthy for the human body and may lead to obesity, heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and chronic conditions.

4. Make Fatty Fish In Your Meal

Fish is packed with healthy fat and high-quality protein. This statement is true for fatty fish, such as salmon which is full of various nutrients and anti-inflammatory omega-3 acids. A study shows that those people who regularly eat fish, have a lower risk of dementia, heart disease, and inflammatory bowel disease.

5. Get Sound Sleep

You cannot ignore the fact that a sound sleep of 6-8 hours has so many benefits to the body. Poor sleep can disturb your appetite hormones, drive insulin resistance, and decrease your mental and physical performance and health.

The main reason behind obesity and weight gain is poor sleep. People with irregular sleep make choices of eating food that is packed with high fat, sugar, and calories, which will lead to unwanted weight gain.

6. Drink A Lot of Water

The best and most effective way to stay hydrated is by drinking a lot of water it is free of unwanted calories, additives, and sugar. Hydration is very important for the body as it keeps the body active and makes sure that the body is performing efficiently. By keeping your body hydrated, water prevents your body from many dangerous diseases. There is no fixed amount assigned to drink water, you should drink sufficient water to quench your thirst.

7. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are excellent sources of prebiotic fiber, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, all are great to increase the immunity system of the body. A study shows that those who eats fresh vegetables and fruits stay healthy and live longer than those who avoid these. Eating fruits and vegetables also reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, and other illness.

8. Regular Work out

A study shows that an adult should do a physical workout or walk of at least 150 minutes every week, but only 27% of people do that. You can also make the regular workout fun, by doing what you enjoy the most. Increase the time of the activity that you are already involved in.

If you are doing a walk already change it to jogging for more fun. You should also explore different routes to engage yourself in this activity and to get relaxation.

9. Smile and laugh

Smiling and laughing are simple ways to heal your body. This has a huge and powerful impact on mental health.

How does it work? When we laugh, we intake more air and breath deeper which is great for the lungs, heart, and muscles, as it stimulates them. Laughing sends a message to release more endorphins, which are beneficial for our mood and physiology. This will lead automatically to a happier and better state. So, laugh out loud regularly, as laughter is the best medicine.

10. Avoid Smoking, Drugs, And Alcohol

Smoking, alcohol, and drugs put a hazardous effect on the health of the human body. If you are involved in any of them, cut back at once. Quitting smoking, drug, and alcohol is difficult but some approaches might help such as sports, exercise, relaxation techniques (breathing), nicotine replacement therapy, and support groups.


These are some simple but effective tips that will improve your eating habits and maintain your health. For living a good life, healthy food is important but exercise, social interactions, sleep, etc. are also significant. Observing the above simple tips will make a big and visible change in your life and overall health.

Lara Beck
Fitness Coach

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