Top 10 Podcasts About Mental Health

Top 10 Podcasts About Mental Health
Around 2 million podcasts are aired in 2021 and the number of these podcasts is growing rapidly. After the outburst of Covid-19, millions of people traumatized, depressed, and involved in other mental health issues. Therefore, thousands of mental health podcasts are made to help listeners coup their psychological illnesses. Here we are going to discuss the top 10 podcasts about mental illness.

1. The Hardcore Self-Help

The hardcore self-help podcast is made by Dr. Robert Duff. He made this podcast to deal with complex psychological issues. He uses simple language to make it easy for the listeners, so they take maximum benefit from it. All episodes are based on the psychological questions asked by the listeners and provide the best solutions.

2. The Positive Psychology

The podcast “The Positive Psychology” is hosted by Kristen Truempy. This podcast covers all the positive psychology-related topics such as strengths, passion, mindfulness, etc. This provides great therapy for listeners who are suffering from mental illness. The duration of the episodes of this podcast is about 30 to 60 minutes and usually features a speaker guest. This also covers the topics like humility, sex, narcissism, self-love, and many more.

3. Feeling Good

The host of Feeling Good podcast is hosted by Dr. Burns. He is a certified psychiatrist from Stanford University. He shows his expertise while dealing with common mental health problems in his podcast. He also wrote a book that is listed at the top of the self-help depression book.

4. The Anxiety

The Anxiety is hosted by Tim JP Collins. He experienced anxiety and panic attacks. So, the main mission or goal of this podcast is to reduce and eliminate stress and anxiety. His podcast supports other people who are suffering from mental illnesses like anxiety, stress, depression, and more.  The combination of the listener’s questions about their issues and the interviewer’s powerful answers makes this podcast stand out.

5. The Happiness Lab

If you are thinking that happiness depends on money, a great job, and fancy holidays, then psychology professor of yale, Dr. Laurie Santos proves you wrong in her podcasts. The happiness Lab is all about sharing the things that genuinely make us happy and is research-based. In each episode, she tackles the misconception of happiness and narrates a story that changes your way of perceiving happiness.

6. Meditation Minis

Hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton design this podcast to help the listener feel comfortable and better quickly. The ideology of this podcast is not defined, it covers almost all psychological issues. He used various mediation techniques that will soothe the listeners within 10 minutes.

7. The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Comedy is always a good remedy for mental illness. Based on this idea, comedian Paul Gilmartin hosts this podcast, The Mental Illness Happy Hour. He in his podcast normalizes to talk about mental illness and its treatment, humorously.
This is the best podcast, as it reduces the mental illness of the patients by allowing them to talk about their issues, in a way they feel that it’s not serious issues. When the patients start thinking that their issue is not big, half of their problem was solved.

8. The Hilarious World of Depression

This is a hilarious podcast as the name also suggests, but what about depression? veteran humorist John Moe hosts this podcast. In this podcast, he talks with the top comedians and deals the psychological issues in a funny and light tone of a conversation. Through this podcast, listeners will feel that they are not alone in this problem, and that brings hope for recovery in them.

9. The Trauma Therapist

The Trauma Therapist is a great podcast, which is hosted by Guy Macpherson, a trauma therapist expert (Ph.D.). he is using this podcast to help other trauma experts out there and suggest they use trauma-informed care while dealing with patients. The episodes of this podcast are of 30 minutes and generally features trauma therapist experts as a guest.

10. Terrible, Thanks for Asking

The host of this podcast is Nora McInerny, who is famous for her amazing books. She wrote about tips on how to keep going in your life happily by eliminating your stress and depression. This podcast inspires those people who answer “fine” to the question “how are you?” but in real they want to shout “terrible”. Talking with the host of this podcast feels genuine because she faced so much.
She asked in her podcast the listeners to share what they feel truly instead of faking the whole scenario by saying “fine”. She encourages people to respond honestly and the way they feel.

Final Thoughts

The mental health podcast is a great help for those who are dealing with mental or psychological issues. This podcast provides the best therapy to its listeners but if you are dealing with serious metal health issues podcast alone cannot work. You need proper medication and therapy to control your psychological issues.
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